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IDFC Aadhaar Pay App Download For Android – IDFC Bank UPI APP/APK

IDFC Aadhaar Pay App Download Android, iOS, windows: IDFC Aadhaar Pay Application Launched, a Biometric Solution for Merchant Payments: At a launch event in New Delhi, IDFC Bank launched the IDFC Aadhaar Pay app – what’s being called India’s first Aadhaar-linked cashless merchant solution. The Android app, which enables customers to pay merchants, was in its pilot phase before this, and was trialled by over 1,500 merchants across 16 states.

The IDFC Aadhaar Pay application was developed by IDFC Bank “under the guidance” of the Ministry of IT, NITI Aayog, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It is available only to merchants, who are on-boarded via e-KYC.

IDFC Aadhaar Pay App Download For Android – IDFC Bank UPI APP/APK

IDFC Aadhaar Pay App

Aadhaar Pay allows consumers, who do not even have mobile phones, to make cashless transactions ­ only that the merchant needs to have one. “All one needs is to get the bank account number linked with Aadhaar. Basic banking services will come to those who even do not have basic mobile phones,”chief executive Rajiv Lall said.

IDFC Bank Rolls Out IDFC Aadhaar Pay For Cashless Payments To Merchants Nationally

IDFC aadhar pay

IDFC Bank announced the nationwide launch of IDFC Aadhaar Pay, India’s first Aadhaar-linked cashless merchant solution that uses a retailers’ own android smartphone to enable cashless payments.

Aadhaar Pay has been developed by IDFC Bank in association with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

IDFC Aadhaar Pay will enable millions of merchants across the country to facilitate cashless purchases for customers in a cost effective and scalable way, supporting the government’s initiatives towards boosting cashless transactions.

About UPI: UPI a.k.a Unified Payment Interface is the solution to that nightmare-like process of transferring your own funds to someone’s account. The multiple account numbers, their IFSC codes, the OTPs, the passwords…that unending list of annoying details that you have to give before you can do anything with your own money; the UPI cuts straight through this clutter!

Now all you need is a smart phone, some data connectivity and your mobile number registered across a bank account. All your account related confidential details needn’t be revealed anymore!

Wait, there’s more to this! The UPI is so flexible, it doesn’t discriminate which bank you belong to and allows you to register on any of the participating bank’s UPI applications. For instance IDFC bank account holders can register and transact on any other participating bank’s UPI application using a single PIN. Likewise, you can register an account of any other participating bank and transact on IDFC bank’s UPI mobile application. You see, it’s incredible!

How IDFC Aadhaar Pay Works?

How IDFC Aadhaar Pay Works?

Benefits of IDFC Aadhaar Pay Application

You’re probably already convinced that UPI is the way to go. But let us remind you again, why UPI is so great!


Privacy: Your personal details such as your Mobile Number/Account Number, it all stays hidden. Send and request funds by revealing no more than your virtual address (think of it as the username you created for your Instagram account. Except that you have multiple private bank accounts linked to it instead of the photos you want to keep away from family on Facebook).

One Click Authentication: The 4 digit PIN is all you need to authorize any transaction. Say bye-bye to the OTPs, the expiry dates, the passwords!

Available 24*7*365: You can literally transact any time of the day all year round. And guess what, all these transactions are instant!

Request Money: Need money from your friends for the dinner you paid for last night? Need your customer to pay you for the dress she bought from your store? Whatever it is that you need to ask someone money for, UPI allows you to do so!

Download IDFC Aadhaar Pay App For Android

Download IDFC Aadhaar Pay App now (Android)

Download IDFC Aadhaar Pay App For iOS

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How to Use “Aadhar Payment App” to Accept & Pay Digital Payments – Free Download

How to Use Aadhar Payment App to Accept Digital Payments :

“Aadhar Payment app” has newly introduced by UIDAI and NCPI jointly. The New Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) has implemented from 25th December 2016. To encourage the digital payment system the AEPS system has invented. This new system does not require any debit cards/ Master cards/ Visa Cards etc for payments. It just needs the Aadhar card number of both merchant and the consumer. Also customers do not require any PIN number / password to make their payments. Only the clients can simply make their payments by just giving their fingerprint.

Aadhar Payment APP

Check : Download & Install Aadhar Payment App

To activate this AEPS Aadhar Payment App, the merchants need a Smartphone and a fingerprint scanner. The finger print scanner not costs much as POS machine. It is available with a minimum cost of Rs 2000.

Aadhar Payment App Download & Install to Accept & Pay Digital Payments 

Initially, merchants need to download the Aadhar Payment App from the Google play store and connect their Smartphone to the fingerprint scanner. Merchants can follow the process of installation while installing their fingerprint scanner with their Smartphone. For people who wish to explore the complete process of using Aadhar Payment App can check the following process.

How to Use Aadhar Payment App by Merchants & Customers :

The Usage of IDFC Aadhar Payment App is exceptionally simple the merchants initially need to download the Aadhar Pay App from the Google Play Store and follow the steps given below.

Merchant Login: Open the Aadhar Payment App and login or register as vendor on the application and associate the Smartphone with biometric scan gadget.

Aadhar Number and Fingerprint Scan: In the second step, enter your Aadhar number and validate using the finger print scanner and afterward tap continue.

Receive Payments: To get payments using the Aadhar Payment App, tap on “Aadhar Pay” button to reach to next screen.

Customer Authentication: In the next screen, select the bank from which client needs to make the payment and enter his Aadhar Number and the amount to be paid. After these details are entered effectively, use biometric scan to take finger print of the client and confirm the payment.

Confirmation: After verification, you will see an affirmation screen where the got sum and last 4 digits of Aadhar number of client will be shown.